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Our Story

On a drive home after spending the weekend in Cambria, the Stilson Family fantasized about the idea of owning a vineyard and making their own wine. A month later in the middle of their busy lives down south, they revisited this idea and decided to go for it. 

Months of searching for properties led them to the perfect vineyard. This was the day that their fantasy became a reality. 

After drinking Stilson Cellars wines we are positive you will become wine fanatics like us. We hope that you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Ep 94 – Hosted by Adam Montiel

“Joining us is Cole Stilson of Stilson Cellars, a family affair that’s been making waves since 2019. With their tasting room also in downtown Paso Robles and their vineyards over in the Geneseo District, they are all about bringing you the best Paso Robles wines. Cole, co-founder and winemaker extraordinaire, is spilling the beans on what makes their wines – and Paso Robles blends – so special and so unique.”

Meet The Family

Deb Stilson


Tyler Stilson



Cole Stilson

Founder / Winemaker

Ray Mitrano

Our Guardian Angel

Sean P. Stilson